KVS Librarian Quiz in Hindi and English 08 February 2018

08 February 2018 Current Affairs GK Question with solutions. GK Quiz updated questions and answers. General Knowledge Aptitude & Reasoning Question for competition exams. Current Affairs MCQ (Multiple Choice Question) question with explained solution

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Q1. Author of ‘The Law of the Library’ or ‘Granthalaya Veda’ ?

Ans. Iyyanki Venkata Ramanaiah

Q2. Nalanda Data Base of Indian Libraries was Created ?

Ans. National Institute of Technology , Callicut

Q3. K.P. Sinha Committes recommendations pertain ?

Ans. Public Library

Q4. The Association for Information Management is the new name ?


Q5. UDC is example of ?

Ans. Almost faceted scheme

Q6. Colon Classification Book Number formula comprises-

Ans. Eight

Q7. How many Tables does the latest edition of DDC contain 

Ans. 6

Q8. Space Isolates of Colon Classification comprises … blocks ?

Ans. 3

Q9. The number of cannons for Book Classification as given in Colon Classification (6th rev Ed.)

Ans. 5

Q10. S.R. Rangnathan book Prolegomena to classification was brought in which year

Ans. 1937

Q11. Call Number of a document comprises

Ans. Class No., Collection No, & Book No.

Q12. Anglo American (AA) code was published in which year

Ans. 1908

Q13. IATLIS is a body of 

Ans. Librarian and Teachers of Library & Information Science

Q14. Edited works in AACR are entered under

Ans. Title of the document

Q15. Library of Congress CIP data is found on the 

Ans. Back Page of the title page

Q16. Number of sections in the main entry according to CCC is to 

Ans. 6

Q17. Medical libraries prefer to use for which subject Prefix

Ans. MeSH

Q18. ISSN is alloted by


Q19. Broad system of ordering BSO is a/an

Ans. Classification Scheme

Q20. S.R. Rangnathan has given details of the various jobs performed in the library 

Ans. Library Administration

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