Us Library Of Congress’ में एक दिन के लिए लाइब्रेरियन (Librarian For The Day)

Us Library Of Congress’ में एक दिन के लिए लाइब्रेरियन (Librarian For The Day)

Digital desk, Tbilisi children often come in the name of education, but these four girls have read about 1000 books at the age of four. Due to this virtue, it was built in the Library of Congress, the world’s largest library, one day in the librarian for the day. The child’s name is Dalaiyah Mary Arana
This four-year-old girl is a resident of Georgia. Dalai had read the first book at the age of 2. With Librarian Carla Hayden, Dalaiyah took over one day’s work. In addition, Dalaiyah also suggested setting up a whiteboard in the library. So that children can be trained to write here.
Karla tweeted his photo with Dalaiyah and said, “It was a day librarian, fun with Dalaiyah.” He has already read more than 1000 books after meeting the staff of the two libraries after the meetings of Carla and Delilah  took him to the library’s store.
When Dali’s mother wrote about ‘Dalaiyah‘ about the ‘Library of Congress’, one day the librarian is called the library to create a library of Dalaiyah, from which the entire family of Dalia is called a library. It is considered a great accomplishment at such a young age.

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